Friday, 28 Aug 2015

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Kepindo Turbine Systems is the exclusive independent supplier of General Electric ® Industrial Gas Turbine and other Gas Turbine Parts from many manufacturers that will fit your needs.

At Kepindo Turbine Systems, we take pride in offering advanced-technology products that let homeowners and businesses generate their own powerful and reliable gas turbines.

Kepindo Turbine Systems, focusing in manufacturing GE Gas Turbine Parts especially for Frame 3, Frame 5, Frame 6, Frame 7, and Frame 9. We offer the best competitive pricing for a large range of parts from nuts and bolts, gaskets, thermocouples, valves and sensors to major "Hot Gas Path" components such as nozzles, buckets, X-Fire tubes, combustion liners,fuel liners, fuel nozzles, and transition pieces. All of our parts carry a full one-year warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

We have complete facility to manufacture most of GE Gas Turbine Parts. For all of products, KTS use only GE Engineer. We assure you that all of product that we made, meet GE OEM specification.

Also, at Kepindo Turbine Systems, you can get our best price from many manufacturers in high quality product.

Our Mission is to develop Long-Term and Mutually Beneficial Partnership with our clients. To achieve this, we put great emphasis on high quality and professional and cost - effective approach to every project. We are specialising on Installation of Turbine Systems, Provision of Turbine Systems Parts and Repairment of Turbine Systems Parts.

We work based on professionality and reliability.

today!! you will get a better price for General Electric® Gas Turbine Parts.

We are serve with value, heart... and integrity.